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A cluster is defined as a geographic concentration (a city/town/few adjacent villages and their adjoining areas)of units producing near similar products and facing common opportunities and threats. An artisan cluster is defined as geographically concentrated (mostly in villages/townships) household units producing handicraft/handloom products. In a typical cluster, such producers often belong to a traditional community, producing the long-established products for generations. Indeed, many artisan clusters are centuries old Artisan.

About Kalimpong Cluster:-

Kalimpong Cluster falls under West Bengal State in Kolkata district.

The Kalimpong cluster is able to form 103 plus Artisans & 12 SHGs supporting the strong work force. The mobilization gains momentum day by day.




Dolls and Toys:-


A soft toy is a soft, furry, stuffed toy. They are made in the form of cute animal usually an animal and human.



Raw Materials Used :-

These are manufactured from different raw materials such as fur, felt, polyester fiber, artificial buttons, ribbons and threads to provide in them flawless finish standards.We also offer them in customized finishes as per client’s given specifications.




Broaden the Templates:-

You can enlarge the templates by using printer but if it is not possible you can make a paper grid. And then draw the designs on the larger grid while having the pattern on your computer screen.


Prepare the Template:-

One can use Bristol broad to prepare a template.You can paste the paper template to the card and then cut it off.It is better to mark the template with colorful dots to make facial features. Cut out the eyes and other embroidery areas carefully.


Trace the Template onto your fabric:-

You can use tailors chalk, tracing paper or expensive pencils, markers, pencil and crayons for this purpose.Try to sew inside the template line so that the pencil mark is on the seam allowance.


To cut the Pattern pieces:-

You need to cut two of each pattern piece for each toy.Fold the fabric so that the wrong side of the fabric is opposite.Trace the pattern templates on the incorrect side of the fabric.Use a few straight pins to unite the two layers of fabric. Cut out 1/4 inch outside the tracing line.




You should always sew with the right sides of the fabric facing each other.


Sewing by machine:-

Stitch to the inside of trace line. Stitch all through leaving the opening. Go for an automatic tie off stitch at the beginning and ending. Use a needle to increase the loop then pull the bottom thread end to the top.Tie the two pieces of thread to create a knot flush with the fabric.


Sewing by hand:-

Take a thread of about 3 feet (90cm) and then double your thread and tie a loop at the end.Sew the pieces together using a strong back stitch.Clip the seam allowance on the inside curves Clip close to the stitch line without cutting the seam line threads.


To Turn and to fill:-

You can use a knobbed end of a knitting needle or a pencil as filling stick and then smooth the ends.


Prior to stuffing:-

Mark the facial features and other embroidery marks using template.Press the seam allowance with an iron or by creasing it between your fingernails.



Pull off small pieces of stuffing and push them into the opening Fill the areas like feet, hands, ears.Stuff till you have the softness and fullness you want.Close the opening with a blind stitch.


Features for embroidering:-

You can use a satin stitch or basic back stitch for making eyes, nose mouth and eyebrows.



1.Broaden the Templates

2.Trace the Template onto your fabric

3.To cut the Pattern pieces


5.Sewing by machine

6.Sewing by hand

7.To Turn and to fill

8.Prior to stuffing


10.Features for embroidering




How to Reach:-

By Air:-

The airport in Kolkata is situated at Dumdum, around 17 km northeast of the city center. Most of the domestic airlines have direct services to and from Kolkata to other important cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow, etc. Kolkata provides direct flights to most of the countries in the Southeast Asia.


By Road:-

Kolkata is connected with most of the Indian cities by road. The Esplanade Terminus in the heart of the city is the main bus terminus. A new development is the starting of the Dhaka-Kolkata bus service. The buses are colorful, air-conditioned and comfortable.


By Train:-


The city has two major railway stations-one at Howrah and the other one at Sealdah. Trains from the other parts of the country connect Kolkata. Super-fast trains such as Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express connect the city to Delhi and nearby cities such as Bokaro and Rourkela. Coromandel Express and Gitanjali Express connect Kolkata to Chennai and Mumbai respectively.

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