What is this Site About?


This site which is an initiative of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles is to provide a platform and to showcase different products made by Cluster Artisans across India. Artisans are provided with technical / marketing know-how for making these products by implementing agencies which are partnered by DC, Handicrafts for the upliftment of these Artisans.



How do I use the Website?


You can Click Here to download the Website Usage Guidelines.




Is it a Government of India Website?


Yes, it's a Government of India website of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles.



What is AHVY Scheme?


AHVY is Ambedkar Hastashilp Vikas Yojana. Please click here to know more about the scheme.



How to search Products?


There are more than 25,000 Products in the web portal which are put under

  • 32 Craft Categories
  • 24 different Product categories and then they are bifurcated into different Sub categories.
  • State Wise / District Wise

You can go through the links provided on the Top navigation bar and search the product.



Why don't I see product prices?


The product prices are not shown as it varies depending upon the quantity and delivery timelines. The prices have to discuss directly between the buyer and the seller.



What is the delivery time of the products?


The delivery time of the product depends upon the quantity of the products. The timelines required are mentioned on the products details page. However, if the same is not mentioned, then it has to be checked with the seller.




How often are the products added / updated?


Products would be added / updated after every 6 months.



How many products are there on the Website?


Currently, there are more than 25,000 products which are showcased on the website.



What is the definition of a Cluster?


A cluster is defined as a geographic concentration (city/town/few adjacent villages and their adjoining areas) of units producing near similar products and facing common opportunities and threats. An artisan cluster is defined as geographically concentrated (mostly in villages/townships) household units producing handicraft/handloom products. In a typical cluster, such producers often belong to a traditional community, producing the long-established products for generations. Indeed, many artisan clusters are centuries old Artisan.



How do I use the Cluster Map?


Go to cluster map and click on any desired state. All the  districts falling under that state will pop up and then you can click on the desired cluster. You can go to the products via cluster details also.



How do I know more about the cluster where a particular product is being made?


Once you have reached a product, there is a link called Cluster Details. You can click on the link to view the details of the cluster under which the product is made.



Does it cover all the Clusters coming under AHVY Scheme?


No. Currently, it covers 550 clusters and new clusters and there products are being added.



Can I get in touch with the implementing agency directly?


Yes, Implementing Agency Contact details are also provided on the Website and you can get in touch with the Implementing agency directly also.



Who do we contact, if we have any technical query?


Planet E Com solutions Pvt. Ltd. has developed the web portal and is maintaining the same. The link is provided on the Contact Us page and its mot@planetecomsolutions.com. One can always send the technical query and it would be solved instantly.