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A cluster is defined as a geographic concentration (a city/town/few adjacent village and their adjoining areas) of units producing near similar products and facing common opportunities and threats. An artisan cluster is defined as geographically concentrated (mostly in villages/townships) household units producing handicraft/handloom products. In a typical cluster, such producers often belong to a traditional community, producing the long-established products for generations. Indeed, many artisan clusters are centuries old Artisan.


About Kakarwada Cluster:-


Kakarwada Cluster falls under  Chhattisgarh State in Bastar district.


The Kakarwada cluster is able to form 237 plus Artisans & 20 SHGs supporting the strong work force. The mobilization gains momentum day by day.


Metal Ware:-


Chhattisgarh is the largest brass and copper making region in the world with thousands of establishments spread all over for articles made out of one or more pieces of metal.The copper or brass sheet is first marked out by a pair of compass and the piece or pieces cut off by a scissor called katari. The required shape is made by alternate heating and hammering, and is finally turned on the lathe. The final polish to the article is given on the lathe itself.


Metal ornaments have been a rave in all ages and times. The attractive contrasts in colours and textures of metals has led to the evolution of metal ornamentation through techniques like inlay, overlay, applique, fixing of colours etc.


The princely states of India demanded not only enamelled jewellery but also enamelled utensils such as wine-cups, finger-bowls, pill boxes etc., in both gold and silver repousse, sometimes studded with jewels.The craftspersons of India excel in this art. With the evolution of new tools,techniques and skills, they are now better equipped to cater to modern tastes.Fully geared to meet modern market demands, today the gold and silver plated articles produced are usually plain or even when ornamented are devoid of extensive encrustation.Portions of silver articles are sometimes covered with water.


Raw Materials:-


In India, Brass and Copper are used for making various usable objects since ancient time. It has a rich tradition of making metal objects which are used for both religious and secular purposes. A wide variety of objects include standing lamps, aarathi (votive lamps), deepalakshmis, hand lamps and chain lamps. Shallow dishes circular, hexagonal, octagonal and oval shapes are widely used and are made out of bronze or sheet brass. The popular Thanjavur plates are characterized by designs of deities, birds, flowers, and geometric patterns beaten out from the back of copper and silver sheets and subsequently encrusted on a brass tray, kudam or panchpaathra. Metal toys are also popular and are sold at various gift outlets in various towns and cities of the state.




Inlay is a means of ornamentation of a surface by the setting of other materials into it. Mainly brass or copper wires are used in wood inlay. After cutting the wood from a bigger block in the desired size, a pattern originally traced on a paper, is transferred onto the wood. Copper or brass metal is beaten into thin sheets and cut into fine wire. The design traced on the wooden surface is incised with the aid of a hammer and chisel which is held lightly and tapped with a mallet. The brass or copper wire is hammered into the engraved portion of the design. If ivory is to be inlaid, then, ivory pieces of required shape and size are cut by a saw and fixed with glue at the desired places in the design. After inlay with brass wire or ivory, the wood is smoothened with a file and polished to give a better finish.




1.      Inlay

2.      Cutting

3.      Smoothing

4.      Polished


How to Reach:-

By Air:-


Travelers taking the air route for reaching Bastar have to target the only airport in the state located at Raipur.


By Road:-


Jagdalpur , the district head quarters of Bastar district is well connected by roads to all important cities and towns of the state and near by states also. It is connected to the state capital , Raipur in the north by the National Highway ( NH - 49 ). Direct interstate bus services are also available from Jagdalpur to Vishakhapatnam , Rajahmundri , Hyderabad , Vijayawada , Jeypore and Koraput.



By Train:-


There is only a limited railway facility available at Jagdalpur . The one and only railway line start from Kinadul(Dantewada Dist.)  to Vishakhapatam which passes   through Jagdalpur. This railway line is broad gauge and completely electrified.The approximate distance to be  covered by the train to reach Vishakapatnam from Jagdalpur is 320 k.m.


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