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A cluster is defined as a geographic concentration (a city/town/few adjacent village and their adjoining areas) of units producing near similar products and facing common opportunities and threats. An artisan cluster is defined as geographically concentrated (mostly in villages/townships) household units producing handicraft/handloom products. In a typical cluster, such producers often belong to a traditional community, producing the long-established products for generations. Indeed, many artisan clusters are centuries old Artisan.



About Thupilipalem Village Cluster:-


Thupilipalem Village Cluster falls under Andhra Pradesh State in Nellore district.


The Thupilipalem Village  cluster is able to form 200 plus Artisans & 8 SHGs supporting the strong work force. The mobilization gains momentum day by day.


Conch-Shell Craft:-


Sea shells are available abundantly in nature. These artistic and decorative shells can be used in making artifacts, utility products, curtains and much more. It is rare articraft, the raw materials and various types of seashells are available along the coastal areas particularly from Chennai and Kakinada. It is an honor from the Government to have extended financial support to these artisans for developing their skills and making innovative and salable products to earn their livelihood.


Raw Materials:-


Sea Shell, Different colors.




Cleaning of Sea Shells:-


The sea shells are first cleaned by washing with acid mixed in water. After rinsing the shells they are dried thoroughly before they can be used to make the products.


Selecting The Sea Shells:-


The shells are first selected according to their size, shape and end use. Some shells are colored using oil/enamel paints to suit the design or the product.


Developing The Products:-


As per the design or the product requirement firstly, base of the product is made by sticking it with glue and letting it dry till it is fixed thoroughly. The complete product is made by gluing the shells to one another. It is done part wise and then these parts are stuck to each other. This makes it easy for the artisan in handling the products. A wide range of products which suit the requirement of the latest market trends have been developed during the workshop.



1.     Cleaning of Sea Shells 

2.     Selecting The Sea Shells


How to Reach:-


By Air:-


The nearest airport is located at Chennai.


By Road:-


Nellore is well connected by railway lines to all the major cities and states in South India.


By Train:-


The city is also connected by a well maintained network of roads to all major towns and cities of the state. It is just 173 km north of Chennai city.

About Implementing Agency

Andhra Pradesh     Nellore     Chaitanya Jyothi Welfare Society